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Rustic Household Cleaning Supplies

Brushing Up on Traditions

Based in North Yorkshire, England, Turner & Harper is a new housewares line based on founder Tom Harper's

The Coolest 34 DIY Projects You Need To Make This Spring

An unexpected but useful organizer for kitchen utensils that works especially well for farm kitchens. For more contemporary kitchen decor use shiny new rake tines (or paint) and add a plaque or flower to the top V to disguise. - Home Decorating Magazines


11 Hacks to Get Stains Out

The next time you stain a shirt, carpet or table, don't sweat it by following these 11 Hacks to Get Stains Out.


Zyliss ® Electric Can Opener

The neat freak in me compels a desire for each and every one of these household brushes (I already own the feather duster)