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Rustic boning knives

Collection of beautiful old #knives. They would make a great accent to the #rustic #kitchen.

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OH is a coming together of two like minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie’s eye. Together on their wanderings gather pieces from days gone by. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm.

bone handles on the silver .... mother of pearl handles and vintage silver displayed in a vignette with bird's nest under a cloche.....

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Flattened chicken. Our local butcher takes out all the bones, we stuff herbs and garlic under the skin and served on rustic wooden boards in slices – or your guests may carve it themselves, we supply the knives, you supply a pinny and a hat – all very sociable.

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Horn handled vintage flatware, I know this isn't china, but wouldn't it look nice with red & white china?

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Antler deer tip pendant

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