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Rust in peace: Stunning shipwrecks captured on camera around the world

A pair of divers explore the 100-metre long cargo ship Giannis D, one of the biggest wrecks to be found in the Red Sea


Micro Pod | Garden Studio

MICRO POD | GARDEN STUDIO *** " The Micropod is a garden studio measuring only 2.5 by 2.0m. Everyday, with modern times and the use of new technologies, more people are working from home, this is the ideal solution for homeworkers. The Micropod has a compact design making it fit unobtrusively into most gardens. You can customize your pod with options including additional windows, under floor heating, fitted desks, shelving and decking. "


GM Aerotrain - Rust in peace. This is so painfull, I remember when it was brand new and on display on the Chicago Lake Front at the General Motors Powerama. EMD had two displays, one a oil rig powered by our 567C engine, and the Aerotrain, which I was assigned to answer questions from the public.


RUST IN REACE - Since you'll never be forgotten. We pledge to you today. A hallowed place within our hearts. Is where you'll always stay.