1978 Academy Award for Best Picture. Michael Cimino's film about the impact of the Vietnam War on three friends in a Pennsylvania steel town.  Some aspects of the film – particularly the Russian roulette motif – seem implausible, but at its best, the film is a convincing portrayal of a part of America and its history as well as a powerful story about the power of friendship and the horror of war.

The Deer Hunter (1978)

The Deer Hunter Directed By Michael Cimino Starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep John Savage and John Cazale

Have on up the Kremlin: how The Dying of Stalin plays Russian roulette with the real truth

The latest from comedy genius Armando Iannucci (‘Veep,’ ‘In the Loop’) is a rip-roaring farce about the death of the former Soviet dictator and the chaos that ensued.

Russian Roulette by UnicatStudio on deviantART, digital painting, "So, you wanna play russian roulette with the russian assassin? Genius."

digital painting, Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier "So, you wanna play russian roulette with the russian assassin?

This is so much better than any russian roulette or “poison cookie” analogy.

because the odds of being attacked by a shark are 1 in while a woman's odds of being raped are 1 in fear of of sharks is seen as rational while being cautious of men is seen as misandry.

Russian Roulette - WINNER Sundance London shorts competition 2014 on Vimeo

Short Film: Russian Roulette London seems a. - Short Film: Russian Roulette London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette… Made for under while on pre-production for another film, ‘Russian Roulette’ is proof.

When Lou played Russian roulette for fun: | 33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid

That awkward moment when you realize the Rugrats had really dark humor. rugrats had really dark humor and really innapropriate things. no kid is gonna know what russian roulette is!

Peppermint White Russian, I prefer to just add Torani's Peppermint Syrup Instead of Shnapps.

Peppermint White Russian