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A culture of consent is imperative to making public space safe enough for women and men to socially engage with each other in a healthy, fair, equal, and fun way for everybody. Don't want people feeling "paranoid" or "playing the blame game"? Well, don't be part of the problem! STAND UP FOR CONSENT. Don't body shame. Don't coerce. Don't victim blame. EVER.

Water or Vodka? shut up this would be so funny to play, gotta find this game! no joke.
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13 Board Games That Are Actually Fun For Adults

Exploding Kittens is like Angry Birds + Russian Roulette. | 13 Board Games That Are Actually Fun For Adults


Could change this to be age appropriate. (Different sodas for teenagers) Or even can take a snack/candy approach to make it even less like a drinking game.


While filming “The Misfits” in Nevada, film director JOHN HUSTON taught MARILYN MONROE how to gamble. 1960