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I hadn't ever thought of putting the picket fence in black, but this could work and could lead to less painting in the future.

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TOP 10 Fun Things To Do in St. Petersburg According to Locals

St. Petersburg, Russia. My hometown. Undeniably, most amazing city to visit.

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Evgeny Lushpin (oil on canvas). This makes me think of the film Let the Right One In (the Swedish one). And it really captures how blue snow looks at that time of day.

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"Peter the Great" statue in Moscow, Russia. The statue of Peter I, in Moscow, Russia has a very strange history behind it. Legend says it was designed by Zurab Tsereteli, a Georgian architect, as a representation of Christopher Columbus, but after being rejected by the US Government, it was sold to Russia as a representation of Peter the Great.

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Russian wooden house in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Damn, it's snow...I thought it was beach sand....would have been the best of both worlds for me.

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Every peasant is proud of the pond in his village because from it he measures the sea. - Russian proverb

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A senior archaeologist at Tel Aviv University has cast doubt on the alleged Jewish heritage of Jerusalem. Israel Finkelstein's claims have been made in the face of official Israeli and biblical claims to the occupied city. Professor Finkelstein,...

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folk art home ... it takes time to notice all of the little detail but the guy on top is my favorite ... so far :D

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