Ekaterina 'Katya' Desnitskaya was born 1886 in Lutsk, Ukraine. The story of her marriage to the Siamese Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath has intrigued many people over different generations, since a marriage between a Russian lady and a Prince of the Siamese Royal Family was considered impossible and unimaginable at that time. Hence, the couple and in particular Katya,…

I'm sure this is one of the little Russian ladies from eurovision a few years back. What was that song again? -EL

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OMG, I am so so like Goose. If he gives me it as Christmas gift, I will love him. http://cheap-goose.blogspot.com/

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.I like the folkloric style in this garment i think it is highly down to the embroidered pattern. It would be interesting to explore similar pattern in print, maybe digitally modernized.

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Russian blue kitten for sale. * * " NOES ! DON'TS SELL MEEZ. I WUZ JUST GETTIN' USED TO DIS HOUSE."

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