Russian Honey Cake. "Moist, spongy, and fragrant, this is the perfect afternoon cake. I love how simple it is, even though it uses ingredients I already have in my pantry. "

Updated April 8, 2013 This recipe, for the Honey Cake, always gets a lot of compliments. It is never dry, never becomes mushy and has a nice flavor of honey and caramel. If you have Russian roots, you have probably tried this cake or have made it in the past. I have included all of the helpful tips that I've gotten from an experienced friend of mine. So don't be shocked by how many pictures I have listed, I don't want you to miss out on any details.

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When Swathi announced the challenge for this month’s Baking Partners, I was thinking of skipping it. The two cakes she gave are based completely on eggs. The chiffon cake and The Russian Honey Cake are the cakes suggested by members. Saraswathi of Sara’s Kitchen has suggested this chiffon cake which has so many egg yolks …

Russian Honey Cake | Mom's Dish

Classic Russian Honey cake with a cooked flour frosting (tort medovik, pchelka s zavarnim kremom)

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Cake «Honey log» For the dough: Honey — 80-90 grams (2-3 tablespoons) sugar — 2/3 cup flour — 2,5-3stakana...

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