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Russian Economy News

Russian President affirms stability of Russian economy

Moscow court upholds house arrest of Russias ex-economy minister Ulyukayev

from BBC News

How I hit the headlines on Siberian TV

While reporting on the Russian economy, Steve Rosenberg and his BBC crew found themselves making the headlines in Novosibirsk.


The Russian underground economy has democratised cybercrime

The Russian underground economy has democratised cybercrime. Here's some of what you can buy on the Russian underground...

from Mail Online

Furious Egypt claims jet bomb theory is 'Western terrorism'

{ FURIOUS EGYPT CLAIMS AMERICAN FEARS THAT A BOMB CAUSED RUSSIAN JET TO CRASH ARE 'WESTERN TERRORISM' INTENDED TO DESTROY ITS ECONOMY } #DailyMailUK ..... "British and US spies say bomb was likely smuggled on jet at Sharm airport... Egyptian media media say move was designed to damage tourism industry."....

from Ars Technica

The Russian underground economy has democratized cybercrime

The Russian underground economy has democratized cybercrime You can buy a botnet for $700, or rent one for just $2 per hour.

from Mail Online

How to design £100m superyachts for the world's most demanding clients

The biggest spenders ebb and flow along with the world's economy, with the Sixties and Seventies dominated by Greek and Middle Eastern clients, giving way to West Coast American telecoms types, then Russians and Ukrainians. Pictured above, is a slick Kilkea yacht which carries a price tag of $62 million

from The Independent

Russia may close airspace in response to Western sanctions

Russian airspace may be closed in response to Western sanctions: Russia has suggested that it may ban Western airlines from flying over its territory, in what it has called an “asymmetrical” response to new EU sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine. Calling sanctions “stupid”, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev blamed the West for damaging the Russian economy and said Moscow aimed to reduce the nation’s reliance on imports – starting with increasing the output of domestic airliners.