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Female Russian prison tattoo."I look at life as it is". "A female tattoo imitating a male tattoo. The bearer was a prostitute and thief who had robbed her drunken clients in their apartments. She was sentenced under Article 144 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR."


Russian Prison Tattoos - Part 1 of 2 Spider/Spider Web – Drug User/ Addict Monastery/Church/Castle – A common tattoo rep the bearer’s time insider, the no of towers to the building usually denotes the no of years


Various thieves tattoos. Top left: ‘Death to Garbage!’ Top right: ‘I am a slave of the MVD. US 20/5’ Middle centre: A tattoo known as ‘This is what is destroying us’. Bottom left: A widespread thieves’ tattoo called ‘The Cheap Whore’. Bottom right: This image of the Devil and a woman can either mean that a woman pushed the bearer to commit a crime, or that both the Devil and woman are hatched from the same egg.