<3 Russel Brand

not sure why but I find him hot.I must have a thing for dirty, long haired, scruffy, tattooed men.ie Johnny Depp and Russell Brand

I likes him. It's not his looks it's his attitude. The man makes some good points if you'll listen to him.

Resolutions that celebs SHOULD have made for New Year

Russell Brand expresses my and many of my fellow youths' discontent with the current system

Russell Brand. An intellectual that , you can tell , is frustrated with being perceived as otherwise. Yes he's funny but he's human.. Not every word is a joke. And I wish we could see that side more. I like it...

He overcame addictions and is fighting to help people become better. He inspires love between people. He's very funny but when he's serious about what he believes I agree (not with everything) and I admire him for that

Russell Brand "... without fame, this hair is mental illness!"

Just what is it about Russell Brand that women can’t resist?

I consider this man to be one of the most intelligent, enlightened, spiritual teachers of our time. If only the human race as a whole would wake up and just "get it".

Russell Brand: Vegan

Russell Brand what hes wearing is kinda awsome. http://www.pinterest.com/TheHitman14/humor-me-comedy-%2B/

Russell Brand making a conscious, if not a bit spontaneous statement in front of a parliamentary committee in Radiant as always

My favorite bit from the Russell Brand, Westboro Baptist Church interview - Imgur... i want brand's vocabulary

My favorite bit from the Russell Brand, Westboro Baptist Church interview

Russell Brand. Smart, funny, cool.

Russell Brand, I never would've taken him for an insanely intelligent and free minded person. People should hear his views on the world's current society and path.