"I just try to see the beauty in things and people as often as I can.  I know that's a challenging way to live your life sometimes, but mostly the world is beautiful and people are beautiful." Russell Brand

Russel Brand was nominated Honorary Guide on October 2013 a.) by Maitreya Rael, for his call for a world revolution in a recent interview. He is an English comedian, actor, radio host, and author.

I consider this man to be one of the most intelligent, enlightened, spiritual teachers of our time. If only the human race as a whole would wake up and just "get it".

Russell Brand: Vegan

Russell Brand Comedian Vegan How We Treat The Vulnerable Is How We Define Ourselves As A Species

When I was poor and complained about inequality

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Funny pictures about Russell Brand on inequality. Oh, and cool pics about Russell Brand on inequality. Also, Russell Brand on inequality.

i can just be me. I absolutely love Russell Brand. Very smart thinking man...

I can just be me. I absolutely love Russell Brand. I love that he is using his fame to spread a positive message and that he doesn't feel the shame others would attempt to put on him.

Russell Brand.    don't let conformity  smother your glory!

"Rebel chiildren, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity to smother your glory.

Russell Brand. That's because it's easier for the people who are paid to drop the bombs to think about those they are bombing as non-human. If they had to look into their eyes, I wonder if they could still do it.

Russell Brand Quote [The use of "we" is a little off- I certainly haven't bombed or supported bombing anyone- but the sentiment is right on.

Russell brand quote - I think he is a genius and I am so grateful to him for educating the public about addiction,

Russell brand quote - I think he is a genius in how he educates the public about addiction/alcoholism in a very real, very human and simple way. He's really a great advocate for awareness

For me happiness occurs arbitrarily: a moment of eye contact on a bus, where all at once you fall in love; or a frozen second in a park where it�s enough that there are trees in the world. � Russell Brand

18 Times Russell Brand Inspired Us To Live Out Loud

These famous quotes about life, love and being unapologetically yourself by Russell Brand will make you take a second look at this actor and activist.