I'm not the biggest fan of the guy, but respect for refusing to cut his hair.  And I mean, he was the greatest in the Tempest.

it's funny if you can hear his voice in your head while reading it.I love Russell Brand!

Russell Brand "... without fame, this hair is mental illness!"

Just what is it about Russell Brand that women can’t resist?

Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery Documentaries documentary

This is a film about drugs, taking drugs and getting off drugs. Nowadays Russell doesn't take drugs, but ten years ago he couldn't get enough of them.

Russell Brand’s Road to Radical Change | Vanity Fair  Very nice face and a good article to boot!

Russell Brand’s Road to Radical Change

Russell Brand, Seriously Since his BBC Newsnight interview went viral last year, Russell Brand has emerged as a political firebrand. David Kamp speaks to the the comedian. Photograph by David Bailey.

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Actor-comedian Russell Brand said he became a postman so that he can have sex with women while he delivered letters to them.