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Mikey Way for president.. i will find a way to vote even though im underage..

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and instead we've got clowns terrorizing the streets, two idiots running for president, and the threat of nuclear war from North Korea

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Hey, Tyler? We need you to change the lyrics to another song.

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Shows the character of Mr Trump when even the dark side would be "whoa dude. enough."

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From Martha to Michelle: The changing faces (and fashions) of America's 43 First Ladies

America's First Ladies: Hillary Rodham Clinton: The only first lady to run for public office, Hillary Clinton continues to wield political influence today, running for president in 2008 before becoming President Obama¿s secretary of state

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shirley chisholm was the first African American woman to run for president for one of the two primary parties. Visit

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I didn't really care for T'Challa before Civil War because I'd never seen or read anything with him in, but damn he is a cool character and I really, really liked him.

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"Love her or hate her, she is one of the best advocates for women's rights this world has ever known."

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