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(Left) The patella normally rests in a small groove at the end of the femur called the trochlear groove. (Right) As you bend and straighten your knee, the patella slides up and down within the groove.


pes anserine bursitis - It is important to treat bursitis in the early stages to reduce the symptoms, minimize damage and maintain motion and strength in your knee. Eliminate any squatting, repetitive knee bending, crossing your legs, kneeling or any other activities that add pressure on your bursa. Treat your knee bursitis in the early stages with cold compression therapy and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy, to prevent long-term damage and chronic conditions from setting in.


The best 4 exercises for RUNNER'S KNEE. exercises are great for pre-hab and re-hab by strengthening many common weakness of runners.

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Exercises to Prevent Runner's Knee - a little too late this time around, but should do when my knee feels better.