...this is so true...rearranged my am schedules so that I will get my running in...gonna have to be disciplined. :)

Runner Problems: When making weekend plans your first thought is always, "when can I get my run in?

Guilty- I just went to Kohls for work clothes and couldn't find anything. But I did buy a new compression bra, purple Fila run shirt, run t shirt, and a new pair of Asics I've needed.

Fitness Gear for Women: Shopping #C9AtTarget

Runner Things You know you're a runner when you spend hours in the mall, find nothing to wear. Spend 10 minutes in the sporting goods store, find hundreds of dollars worth of stuff you want to buy.

Pretty much. Or when your sport bras are the only ones that fit because you lost your boobs because you run. Haha

Netball & sport girl problem, but its not actually a problem. I wear sport bras no matter what I'm doing & mum always gets at me for it!

13 Running Tips For Weight Loss #Infographic #Health #WeightLoss

13 Running Tips For Weight Loss #Infographic

Running is a healthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime, and its benefits go beyond physical health. Running is also great for the soul, helping you to become stronger and live longer.

This was made as a runner "girl" problem poster, but equally applies to guys, too, I think. :)

This was made as a runner "girl" problem poster, but equally applies to all sports too, I think.

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Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes

My running shoes are the most expensive shoes I own. So stinkin' true. My running shoes are three times more expensive then my most expensive shoes otherwise

Xc girl problems

Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs 8 moves to melt off that pesky layer of lower-belly fat

Things only runners understand Remember: They’re only trying to be supportive. Runner Problems: Things only runners understand… Plus: Essential running tips

"Things only distance runners understand. 'I'll just go for a quick run' actually means 'I'll see you in an hour, minimum'.