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Inguz Viking Rune- Means "Where there is a will, there is a way" rebellion sign, usually tattooed on the sole of the foot or shoulder. I'd love to incorporate this into a sleeve

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How-To Read Runes

Very basic rune symbolism, but a great start for learning rune divination using Elder Futhark runes!

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Voodoo Symbols And Their Meanings | Symbols of Witchcraft - Pentagram, Pentacle, Invereted Pentagram ...

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A basic introduction to Anglo-Saxon runes, a northern European writing system they imported into England.

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Viking Runes ---could do a Runic Word Search, or pair it with something else - leather carving? Let people carve their name in runes in wood, or soapstone? :) For a nominal materials fee perhaps?

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13 Welsh SEA STONE, WITCHES RUNES & POUCH ~ Witch Pagan Faerie WICCA Rune Stones

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Comparison of Old English and modern English, with the introduction of Beowulf. The full site is an encyclopedia of languages with information on history of languages, etc.

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