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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

The Cuba Libre cocktail is made from cola, rum and lime juice. This cocktail is sometimes referred to as Rum & Coke in many countries. Depending on where the drink is served, lime juice may or may not be included.

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Winter daiquiri

This is an incredible twist on a classic daiquiri - the mix of zingy clementines and maple syrup is incredible

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Skinny Passion Fruit Mojito - Rum cocktails: The best rum cocktails

~PASSION FRUIT MOJITO~ Ingredients: 75 ml Havana Club® dark rum, 1 tsp(heaped) Muscovado sugar, 6 lime wedges, 10-12 mint leaves, 50 ml passion-fruit puree, 50 ml soda, 2/3 of a glass crushed ice. Crush well the limes, sugar, soda, 8 to 10 mint leaves and a tsp of crushed ice. Then add rest of ice with passion fruit and rum. Mix vigerously for one minute. Garnish with rest of mint and a straw.

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White Queen Cocktail (Inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass)

White Queen Cocktail Ingredients 1 oz Malibu1 1/2 oz White Rum4oz Pina colada mix1 1/2 oz Sprite1/4 cup IceSugarSimple Syrup

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Mulled pear & ginger

If you're not a fan of mulled wine or fancy something different, this deeply spiced pear and rum drink will warm you up nicely

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Six Saints Caribbean Rum

Six Saints Caribbean Rum comes to us from Grenada after being aged in bourbon barrels and bottled at ABV.

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