Bankai - Ichiruki

Bankai - Ichiruki Trăng và Trời, liệu so sánh có hơi ảm đạm k vậy

Rukia // bankai

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[BLEACH 367] Dance With Snowhite by on @deviantART

I couldn't resist my fangirl craziness after seeing RUKIA again in all her beauty and strength. Aww *nosebleeds I hop. [BLEACH Dance With Snowhite

Jumping onto the Rukia’s-bankai-bandwagon! You can always count me in when ice crowns are involved. ♥

Rukia Kuchiki finally revealed her beautiful and magnificent Bankai! Hakka No Togame (White Mist Sentence) completely freezes the enemy within mere seconds, it disallows any and all movement, the i.

Rukia's bankai

Fun bleach fact: this saying was prompted in season one and now towards the end get,it now? ~The SE(L-Chan)