Ok, for any of you trying to pull off this costume for Halloween, here's the wardrobe test and sketch for #Rufio battle outfit. Good luck! I want to see who can pull it off!

For those trying to pull this costume off for Halloween. Here's battle outfit sketch & test shoot.

Leader of the ‘Lost Girls’ - Rufio | World of Odd Balls

When Dante R Basco played Rufio in the 1991 action flick - Hook, the leader of Lost Boys would have probably never imagined a woman to take inspiration from his

rufio, childhood crush

This Is What Rufio From "Hook" Looks Like Now

Picture of RUFIO WIG


I have been making Halloween costumes for my brother for a few years now, and this years challenge was Rufio from the movie Hook. Here you will find all the steps that went into creating this outfit, I hope you enjoy!

overskirt! would look great in more steampunk-y colours too

There is 1 tip to buy this skirt: post apocalyptic zombie detachable mini red and black goth grunge zombie apocalypse.

Make a Rufio costume

How to Make a Hook: "Rufio" Costume