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Rude people

Never Respond To Rudeness

Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Dont take it personally be silent.

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Be careful what you say or even think about people, especially if you don't know them. Remember that one small bad thing you say or do, you have to justify before God one day. So think twice before being rude or judgmental or holding grudges. Just love them like you love yourself. Always be kinder than necessary!

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I don't consider what I hold a grudge. What I think is if I try more than once to ignore rude people and it gets to the point where I want nothing to do with them because of who they portray... I remember all of the rude things it's not a grudge it's facts and evidence of why I can't have anything to do with people who are rude and self absorbed.

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"...And you're rude... bad mannered and deranged... So stop pissing me off and browsing my boards when you have no intention of being a gentleman... or I will block you!".. J.L. Thomas :D

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Rudeness Is The Weak Person’s Imitation Of Strength

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23 Simple Steps Towards A Healthy Life

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Dealing with Rude & Toxic People - 8 Tips to Support You

If you’ve dealing with someone rude and toxic in your life – for a passing moment or perhaps long-term (e.g in your family or in your workplace), view this article and video for 8 tips to support you

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