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Never Respond To Rudeness

Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Dont take it personally be silent.

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I'm super kind in general. But there are people or situations that bring out the bitchy side of me. Usually, it's bc of negativity, immaturity, whiny, disrespect, cruel acts, rudeness, stupidity, ignorance, violence. If standing up for myself and others, being truthful, and outspoken makes me one...Idc. I'm a "bitch" when I fight against the wrong. I do snap and say hurtful things when pushed to the limit or annoyed by immaturity. At least I'm not the evil, bitter kind of bitchy though?

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Eye Chart Printable- Rally against Rudeness!!!

I dont!! Manners are important to me!!! ANd Im not talking dont chew with your mouth open crap, Im talking basic respect and consideration! For some people its sooo freakin hard!!

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Some people who flood others with their distasteful #criticisms ironically cannot handle even just a drop of their own medicine.

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Sooooo true. Losing weight, tanning, whatever you do, your heart is still ugly.

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