Charming GIFs of everyday moments that will make you smile

Charming GIFs of everyday moments that will make you smile

Charming GIFs of everyday moments that will make you smile

Well, it’s almost that time of year again–just as People Magazine objectively news-worthy Sexiest Man Alive looms ominously on the horizon, so too does the threat of Thanksgiving dinner.  Now, for the most part, I like Thanksgiving. I love the revisionist history of the first Thanksgiving dinner, for example, and I also really enjoy mashed potatoes. … Read More

16 Of The Most Annoying Things Your Relatives Will Say To You At Thanksgiving

Trending GIF rihanna side eye excuse me bitch please judging you say what what did you say

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Why ya gotta be so rude- no ok whatever enjoy sassy Austria

I have trust issues. I was just pinning GIFs of him looking all cute and then this rude GIF randomly showed up. Why Jimin? Why are you doing this? Us fangirls are suffering. ❤️❤️


For the love of all that is Holy Jimin! Stop being so sexy!

You don't have to be so rude Kim Taehyung :') - [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS on runway like Model GIF

Kim Taehyung is XD (GIF) Like me tryna get pass idiot blocking the stair case in skwl.

That comment hahahaha

xD the last comment was funny. And i love stale chips. not super stale but just turned stale chips.

#wattpad #fanfiction |RANDOM UPDATE|       You will now enter a weird world of Bangtan replying to your texts.       It has jams i promise ("^_^)   06/08/17: #28 in Fanfiction


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