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Ruby Rose Lesbian

from Mail Online

Ruby Rose never thought she'd make it as a Maybelline cover girl

Role model: She was also refreshingly open about her depression and how she manages to keep it at bay

from Mail Online

Ruby Rose goes braless and bare legged for stunning fashion editorial

In bed with Ruby: The 29-year-old from Melbourne shows off her tanned limbs in just a white shirt and socks for the fashion editorial

from olivia in la la land

Gender Fluidity…and Ruby Rose

In January it was announced that Australian actress, model, and DJ Ruby Rose joined the cast of Orange Is the New Black as a potential love interest for two of the main characters. Her name quickly spread across the Internet, and many people — like

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OITNB star Ruby Rose displays bittersweet feelings at LAX

Mixed feelings: Ruby Rose shows her contrasting emotions as she arrives at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday following US landmark ruling

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Ruby Rose celebrates sporting a 'man hipster ponytail'

(Open Ruby) I walked into the area we were doing the shoots in my normal clothing- i then went to my dressing room and took off my Green Day Shirt and Red skinny jeans. I put on a pair of shots and a white tank top along with a blue flannel shirt -undone-. I walked out of the dressing room and walked over to where i was supposed to be. There a saw a pretty girl- who i think my partner is- getting pictures taken. The photographer stopped and looked at me "Hey Raven! This is your…

from Mail Online

Ruby Rose reveals she wanted to undergo a female to male transition

Definitely something is wear! It's really boyish, but I need to get out of my comfort zone to experience new cute outfits that are also comfortable. Cred. to Ruby Rose!