Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, in 1966, wrongly convicted twice of a triple murder and imprisoned for nearly two decades.

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In a contemplative pose, wearing the Rubin Carter t-shirt, venue unknown

Rubin Carter Photo Gallery: Boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, was arrested and imprisoned along with John Artis for a bar room murder in 1966. 1966

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364.1 CAR SWA Rubin Carter was in and out of reformatories and prisons from the age of twelve. At twenty-four, he became a winning professional boxer and was turning his life around. But Carter was also very vocal about racism in the local New Jersey police force. In 1966, local policemen arrested Carter and a friend for a triple murder. The two were convicted and sent to jail for life. Carter spent nearly twenty years in jail, proclaiming his innocence.

Denver Broncos DT Rubin Carter 1975

Rubin Carter's Final Wrenching Wish: To Live In A World Where Truth Matters and Justice, However Late, Happens by Abby Zimet

Mile High Salute to the original man in the middle and the prototypical nose tackle (per Sports Illustrated in the 1970s), Rubin Carter.

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