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Rubbermaid stock tank as duck "pond." Use a 1-1/4" male threaded adapter on the 1-1/4" threaded drain, along with a length of 1-1/4" PVC pipe and a 1-1/4" ball valve to drain.


Stock Tank Hot Tub | by Howecollc


This type of semi-buried pool would work if the rest of your yard was down hill so that you could install a drain and have a hose run the water down to a garden. If you had a flat yard, I think you would need a raised pool to be able to drain it in to your garden.

$88 - Structural Resin Stock Tanks by RUBBERMAID - Bins and Boxes by Zoro Tools Industrial Supplies


Bob's Insulated Stock Watering Tank

My first fish pond I did. It is made from a 300 gl. Rubbermaid stock tank dug into the ground. Pond by Kathleen Scott (and Husband)


The idea of using a stock-watering tank for a DIY hot tub project has been around for a long time, but all of the ones I’d seen were pretty unattractive. I wanted a setup that was nice-looking, easy to use and economical. My hot tub dreams came together when I discovered a wood-fired spa stove made in Japan by a company called Chofu and imported by Island Hot Tub Co. Depending on how the soaking area is customized, the setup I’ve designed can cost less than $1,000.


300g Rubbermaid stock tank made into raised fish and Koi pond. Framed with 2x12's, walls insulated, filled with dirt and planted.

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