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"What do you mean he won't see me?" I demand. "He's to be my husband, of course he shall see me." The guard looked uncomfortably at his feet and shifted. "I'm afraid, Your Highness that the betrothal between you and His Lordship has been cast aside." "What?" I yell. "It was announced this morning, Your Highness. His Lordship is to marry your sister."


17th Century Bed, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Silk damask in dip dyed blue, used for hangings on a late 17th Century English Bed.


The eight Royal Beasts in the Tudor Garden have been painted (and gilded) with the correct heraldic colours of the period. The Red Dragon was used as his badge by Henry VII’s grandfather, Sir Owen Tudor, who took it as a token of his supposed descent from Cadwalader, the last native ruler of Britain. The Welsh Dragon was used by all the Tudor sovereigns – the three kings colouring it red, while Mary and Elizabeth made it gold.