"We're Nobodies. We don't feel happiness or sadness. Even though we want to... We have no heart."

I love this photo of roxas- his the best!Wallpaper and background photos of Roxas xx for fans of Kingdom Hearts images.

Roxas Kingdom Hearts

Name: Grim Houston Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Human/ Demon/Dragon skills: Fire, lightning,light and Darkness Dragon slayer Magic weakness: Ice and iron magic.His fear is Spiders.

Ooh, its like roxas dressed as sora's nightmare

This is am amazing pic of Roxas. I may or may not of said this but he's just so dang cute!

Roxas. He's such a nerd with all his valentines day chocolates. My little nerd.

Roxas<<>>Aww, Roxas deserves so much to be happy like this, I wish he could have been in the games too

Roxana and sora switched clothes xD

yaboymegan: “ I made some phone backgrounds~ (I loooved the khx anniversary image, had to make something with it!