Rover Mini Cooper "Grand Prix" (ADO20) '1994

The birth of John Cooper on this day July, He developed the British Motor Corporation Mini-Cooper, adored by rally racers and ordinary drivers.

The original and best super mini. Ridiculously small. Ridiculously fun to drive, even at low speeds.  I'd still like another one!

BMC Mini Cooper

Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Mini is a small car that was made by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until The original is considered a British.

Last Ever Mini Cooper Works S!!! Brooklands Green Rover Mini Cooper Works S just 38 miles!! | Mini Cooper | G C Motors

Last Ever Mini Cooper Works S! Brooklands Green Rover Mini Cooper Works S just 38 miles!

own an old Mini Cooper (a.k.a. a car with its own personality)

1996 Rover Mini Cooper I really, really, really still want one of these little boys!seriously so sad!

Rover Mini Cooper UK-spec (ADO20) '09.1990–10.2000

Rover Mini Cooper UK-spec (ADO20) '09.1990–10.2000

1967 Austin Mini Cooper. I had a Mini of this vintage, but it was not a Cooper. Still love me some Minis!

1967 Austin Mini Cooper, four wheel, fully independent suspension, based on rubber cones as non-linear springs.

Rover Mini Cooper 50th Anniversary Brooklands Museum March 2011 - A1KUV

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