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Rounding Decimals Worksheet

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Worksheet that can be used as a daily bell ringer. Students will practice skills with decimals that increase number sense.... expanded form, word form, comparing, multiply / divide by powers of 10, rounding, using a number line.


Place Value Activties - this site has multiple activities to use when teaching place values. Adjust to fit year group level.

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Place Value Matching

Place Value - Students will have fun with this fun and engaging matching game for the math classroom.


These 3 Halloween themed Decimal Worksheets are differentiated and cover Rounding Decimals. Students are asked to round decimals to whole numbers, to the tenths place, and to the hundredths place. These worksheets would be great for Halloween Themed Math Centers, Homework, October Morning Work, Review, or Test Prep. They’d also be great for sub plans! Answer Keys are included for easy grading.


Number Line Worksheet

Practice placing decimals on a number line with this free worksheet! #decimalpractice #decimals #freemathworksheets #numberline

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Adding and Subtracting Decimals Scavenger Hunt Activity

Students practice adding and subtracting decimals and estimating while having fun! Instead of just sitting at their seats doing a worksheet, they can be up moving around the room! This self-checking scavenger hunt consists of 13 problems that require students to add, subtract, and estimate sums and differences with decimals.

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Decimal Crossword Puzzles - Rounding, Adding and Subtracting

crossword puzzles for rounding, adding and subtracting decimals. My kids LOVE working on these crossword puzzles1 $3