Erfrischender Anblick – Wassertropfen auf Rosenblätter

“The leaf makes the rose beautiful and not the flower” ― Jelord Klinn Cabresos Photo: Waterdrops on rose-leaf

Free Digital Stamps | Birds Cards - Part 32

I adapted on of my existing stamps for todays card, I took my rose digital stamp and added some leaves to it which I think will make it a little easier to use.

Antique Art Nouveau Ring Rose Quartz Crystal Sterling Silver Leaves...pinned by ♥, thoughtful jewelry.

Antique Art Nouveau Ring Rose Quartz Crystal Sterling Silver Leaves ***** Please where do I pay ! Or can I learn how to do this - So Beautiful

Online Lesson - How to paint leaves in watercolor, realistic leaves, autumn leaves, rose leaves

Watercolor Lessons & Tutorials, Painting Demonstrations,

Learn how to paint leaves - indepth painting instruction on mixing greens, painting realistic leaves, autumn leaves, painterly leaves.

Marilyn Monroe Hybrid Tea-It’s not just gentlemen that prefer blondes, everyone will love this shapely Hybrid Tea named to honor an American legend. The extraordinarily feminine creamy apricot color holds through from the long pointed buds to the big buxom open blooms. A gown of deep green leaves graces the cutting length stems. The best apricot for hot weather.

RP: Marilyn Monroe™ Hybrid Tea Rose, mild blend of fresh peaches citrus blossom scent

Beautiful White Rose

French Lace Rose ( my favorite color!) Had one in my garden years ago, hope to plant another this spring! A gorgeous rose!

I ❤ embroidery . . . Rose Leaf Stitch~ There are a couple “tools” that will help make this stitch easier. The first one is a strip of card stock about an inch wide & a couple inches long. Since one of my handy helpers in my workroom is my stack of 3×5″ index cards, I just used one of those. I cut out four of the line areas, which gave me a 1″ wide piece of card.

Stitch Fun: Rose Leaf Stitch

The rose leave stitch is a hand embroidery stitch used to create a full, shaped…

Eco printed silk scarf  by Diane Gamm, with Maple, Eucalyptus and Rose leaves.  Adventures in Eco Printing BLOG:

Eco printed silk scarf with maple, Eucalyptus and rose leaves. Diane Gamm Let the leaves make the beauty.