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Basic Rose Care For Beginners

One of the first flowers I fell in love with were roses. They come in so many colors from bright white to soft pink to fiery red. Roses have one of the most beautiful scents in the flower world. They also come as single open petals or ones that have over a hundred petals that …

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How To Prune Roses, this is the best article I've found to help explain the proper way to prune rose bushes. Lots of photos and well written instructions

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Rose Bush Care and Maintenance, How Best To Care For Roses

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Harvesting Rose Seeds: How To Get Seeds From Roses

Collecting Rose Seeds: How To Get Rose Seeds From A Rose Bush - When we know how to get seeds from a rose, we can then grow it and enjoy the delightful surprise that Mother Nature has created for us. Read this article to learn how to get seeds from roses.

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I know I have had rose bushes that had at least a few of these disease wrong with them, thank you World In Green for putting them all in the same place!

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