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In pictures: the art of 'kokedama'

Kokedama by Utah-based Charlotte Catherine (, using Alocasia 'African Mask’. Kokedama (translation "moss ball") is the practice of removing a root system from its container, surrounding it in a mud cake traditionally made partly made from clay-based akadama bonsai soil, wrapping it in moss then winding it in string.

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The DIY fish supper: Future kitchen grows its own vegetables and seafood

The Biosphere Farm by Philips houses fish, root vegetables, grasses, herbs, plants and algae under a common roof

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Root over rock style with a twist. Possibilities are endless with this idea of substituting the rock with a statue

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A half a cup serving of lotus root provides over 60% RDA of Vitamin C. The high vitamin C content in the juice helps to melt mucus accumulation in the respiratory system & eliminates it from your body. It releases the mucus or phlegm accumulation in the lungs & dissolve them, thus is helpful as remedy for asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough & tuberculosis. The root also contains essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper & iron, which help the body in the production of red blood cells…

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...A great example of why we need to stop labeling things as "weeds," and yanking them out...without thinking about the impact that will have on the environment~

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Components of a green roof Construction involves a series of functioning layers which, while retaining the necessary water to support the pl...

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Art Projects for Kids: Grass in a CD Case... maybe for art club and paint bugs on the outside!

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Materials: 240 feet of root-coloured rope; outdoor adhesive. Instructions: Your garden will need to contain a cliff at least 20 feet high, with a tree growing at the top of it. Cut the rope into 8 x 30 foot lengths. Using a very long ladder (not shown), climb to the base of the tree, secure one end of each of the 8 lengths around it, and glue in place. Work your way down the cliff, twining the ropes in a random, graceful, naturalistic way as shown, gluing as you go. Fan out ends…

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