Exterior: Windows facing south. Green roof for insulation, solar panels to collect energy (technology). The "Eco Arch" home (Kent, England) eco design.

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Solar Tiles v Solar Panels: "Tiles, technically speaking, are photovoltaic cells that mimic traditional roof shingles. They first became commercially available in 2005; at that time, they were more expensive than panels, but recent market forces have driven down the cost, so now the prices are equivalent." - that's in the US, of course. | Century Roof & Solar

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GREAT DESIGN.. this is a SOLAR roof - the ENTIRE roof... can't see the solar panels.. an attractive alternative to the solar panels of yesteryear...

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Solar panels. I have long thought that solar panels need to look like regular tiles to really take off. Till then, this combination looks fantastic!!!

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Transparent Solar Panels for windows ~ Way Cool Idea! #solar #aurinkopaneeli #aurinkoenergia Solar info in Finland: www.cioy.fi

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Used to spend hours and hours reading about super energy efficient home designs. Still want one. Someday.

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Masculine Elegance - This extraordinary yacht is 75-meters in size and decked out with the best of technology and design.

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