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Total Recall [1990] directed by Paul Verhoeven, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside, and Ronny Cox.

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John Boorman reveals the on-set secrets of some of his biggest hits

Jon Voight, Ronny Cox, Bill McKinney and Burt Reynolds in the film...


Angel in the Family (2004) Meredith Baxter stars as Lorraine Brice who having passed away returns as an angel to spend one more Christmas with her family in order to help them to move on


Movies...1972...I don't think 1972 was such a great year for movies, and we've all seen Godfather 100 times. Deliverance is a powerful, uncomfortable movie to watch, but I've always had a thing for Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight. I do think though that music in 1972 was getting very interesting. But that's tomorrows pin...