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Ron Wayne is the 3rd co-founder of Apple. He sold his stake in the company for $800 early on. He has spent much of his time since selling stamps and rare coins. He did not own an Apple product until he was given an iPad 2 in 2011. #Apple #History

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Ronald Wayne Auctions Off Private Document Collection

Ronald Wayne Auctions Off Private Document Collection

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Ronald Wayne, dix jours pour créer et quitter Apple

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On this day in 1976, Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake for $2,300

If Buts and Maybe's. Life's full of them.Sorry Ronald

Original Apple cofounder Ronald Wayne auctioning off early Apple documents - The story of Ronald Wayne almost sounds like the plot of a screwball comedy. One of the three original co-founders of Apple, Wayne sold his 10 percent stake in the company for

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