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Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin – review

An energetic and engaging public intellectual, Dworkin's contribution to the philosophy of law was incomparable. In his final book, he tackled the idea of a secular sacredness. By Jeremy Waldron

Religion Without God

Book Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin

Fools, Frauds and Firebrands

The thinkers who have been most influential on the attitudes of the New Left are examined in this study by one of the leading critics of leftist orientations in modern Western civilization. Scruton begins with a ruthless analysis of New Leftism and concludes with a critique of the key strands in its thinking. He conducts a reappraisal of such major left-wing thinkers as: E. P. Thompson, Ronald Dworkin, R. D. Laing, Jurgen Habermas, Gyorgy Lukacs, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Slavoj…

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Ronald Dworkin: 'We have a responsibility to live well'

Ronald Dworkin: 'We have a responsibility to live well' One of the greatest legal and moral philosophers of the postwar era, Ronald Dworkin argues in his new book, Justice for Hedgehogs, that there are absolute moral values – and that they are built on dignity and self-respect.

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"Is Democracy Possible Here?" by Ronald Dworkin. Classmark: 28.5.DWO.1a-b

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The 10 best books about women

Credit: Ronald Grant Archive Joan of Arc: In Her Own WordsTurtle Point Press, NYC, 1996Jeanne d’Arc was the original rebel teen, liberating France from the English before being played, betrayed, set up and murdered by the boys’ club. There are countless books, films and plays analysing her mercurial complexity, military skill and charismatic image; the definitive study is Marina Warner’s Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism. But in these unembellished tri…

Ronald Dworkin: “Teoría del Derecho”.-