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History is important. Nowadays Americans don't know their history especially the youth!

Imagine if we had a Robin Hood for the Fed! Oh wait... we had Ron Paul

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#RonPaul is boss! I wish that he were running in #election2016 #Libertarian

This is a more an unofficial quote from Ron Paul. While he might not have said this exact phrasing, this would be his philosophical take on the issue.

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This man could change the country for good if elected. Ron Paul 2012!

Freedom is not defined by safety - Ron Paul

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Never give up liberties to be safe - Ron Paul

The Best Of The Ron Paul Meme

He refused the congressional pension. The only candidate who isn't in it for the money. // a rare honorable politician and Patriot (even if I disagreed w/ him on certain issues like immigration)

Going Viral: Ron Paul needs to step up his game if he wants to beat Romney- he should try this video...

Ron Paul 2012!

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Ron Paul Launches Clemency Petition for Snowden: Many in the United States have called for Snowden to extradited, prosecuted and executed

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