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The Fascinating Biography that Took Alexander Hamilton to the Bright Lights of Broadway

Alexander Hamilton’s life is perhaps best known for its end: he was mortally wounded in a duel with political rival Aaron Burr. But his personal life and political achievements are fascinating, impressive, and—until recently—underappreciated. Here is a man who, though featured on our ten-dollar bill, many Americans know little about. I was certainly one of them.


Community Post: How Much Did You Learn From The "Hamilton" Musical?

HELL YES I DID. Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda ! You got 24 out of 25 on How Much Did You Learn From The "Hamilton" Musical?!


Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow concludes that while no relationship can be conclusively proven, he is led to believe that Hamilton had "at the very least" an "adolescent crush" on Laurens. Chernow also states that "Hamilton did not form friendships easily and never again revealed his interior life to another man as he had to Laurens. After the death of John Laurens, Hamilton shut off some compartment of his emotions and never reopened it." #Hamilton


Or Hammie, which according to Ron Chernows biography is what his friends called him...