Ron and Hermione

Ron and hermione facts. It makes me sad that hermione was trying to give Ron a chance to ask her. Oh ron

Ron and Hermione. I love how in the first picture, he's hiding behind her. In the second picture, he's protecting her. *sniff*

Ron and Hermione aww so CUTE I love their hidden story it's just too CUTE ! Why is ron wearing the same shirt?

I already have a great marriage, but I do love the Ron/Hermione relationship.  I think it's one of the better ones in literature.  It's DEFINITELY one of the better ones of film.

Ron and Hermione💞 Ron and Hermione’s relationship is beautiful because they loved each other the whole time and just didn’t realize it. Same thing with Lily and James

Ron and Hermione headcanons

These are my favourite headcanons, because these display properly the love of Hermione and Ron. These are probably, not only my favourite headcanons ever, but my favourite things on Pintrest ever.

Too Cute.  Dirt on Your Nose.  Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Harry Potter Memory on

It's as though ever since that time on the train, Ron will make sure to point out when Hermione has something on her face.

"Harry woke up, blinking the sunlight out of his eyes, to see Ron and Hermione's hands inches apart. And with a smile, he couldn't help but wonder if they'd fallen asleep holding hands"

I love this. I love that Ron gave Hermione the couch. I love that they fell asleep holding hands. I love that they both didn't sleep on the floor together. They were pure the whole time. I loooove them!

Ron and Hermione: An Eventual Love Story  they are such a cute couple!!! :)

Ron and Hermione: An Eventual Love Story

Ron and Hermione's baby. I did not know it was possible for my heart to squeal and melt at the same time. Thank you for that.

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