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The summer residence of St. Petersburg businessman Sergey Vasiliev is located in Vyritsa village (Leningrad Oblast). The palace is a small copy of the famous Catherine Palace, but the richness of its decoration is maybe even better!


Tsar Aleksey Romanov palace.13 children of Alexi & 1st wife Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya (1625-1669):Dmitri (1648–1649), Yevdokia (1650–1712), Marfa (1652–1707), Alexei (1654–1670), Anna (1655–1659), Sofia (1657–1704), Ekaterina (1658–1718), Maria (1660–1723), Fyodor III (1661–1682), Feodosia (1662–1713), Simeon (1665–1669), Ivan V (1666–1696), Yevdokia (1669–1669) & 3 children of 2nd wife Natalya Naryshkina (1651-1694): Peter I the Great (1672–1725), Natalya (1673-1716), Fyodora…


Ropsha Palace - despite the fact that the palace is considered an architectural monument of federal importance, and even included in the UNESCO-protected property has been in ruins for years. The crumbling architectural monument is situated 49 km south-west of St. Petersburg, and is considered “of immense historical value to the region and the country’s history. Ropsha was founded by Peter the Great, after wresting the region from the Swedes during the Great Northern War.