Three little Roma (Gypsy) boys comfort one another in front of a unit of German soldiers. The location and date are unknown, possibly France or Poland. The image was most likely taken during a deportation round up to a concentration camp or ghetto. The genocide of Gypsies during the war is called the Porajmos, which means the “devouring” or the ”destruction" in the Romani language. Unknown date and location (possibly France or Poland). Europe. Circa 1940-1944.

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Gypsy (or Gipsy) The Gospel of Matthew in Baltic Romany Language, Lithuanian Dialect / Evangelia Matejostyr - Baltyko Raomani Chib

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Research into the Romani language and its dialects has helped develop the first ever online multi-dialect dictionary. We have also influenced policy in Europe; most significantly, governments now monitor their promotion of Romani through the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Research by colleagues at our Department of Linguistics and English Language,

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Dialects of the Romani language, File:Romany dialects Europe.svg

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Letter composed in the Romani language by the English Romanichal Sylvester “Westerous”Boswell, 1874

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Romani - Indo-Aryan language regions adjacent to the Indus Valley are the Sindhi, Lahnda, Kohistani, Pashal, Khowar, Shina, Kashmiri, Dogri; nearby are also the Punjab, Rahasthani and Gujarati. Although Romani originates in Central region, 'It shares an innovative pattern of past-tense person concord with the languages of the Northwest, such as Kashmiri and Shina. '

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