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Triumphal procession through the Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum, commemorating the sack of Jerusalem.


Roma aka Gypsy children, Romania. (In the their native Romany language, their name derives from the word for "man"). Roma are not to be confused in the english language for Romanians.


They say that the Gypsies migrated to Europe about a thousand to a thousand and five hundred years ago from the areas of Sindh and Rajasthan. The Gypsies (Romany) language is a strange mixture of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Persian, Turkic and Slavic languages. Counting in Romany from ‘one to 10’ is the same as in Urdu, as well as several words, such as, ‘ankh’, ‘naak’, kaan’, ‘paani’...


Three little Roma (Gypsy) boys comfort one another in front of a unit of German soldiers. The location and date are unknown, possibly France or Poland. The image was most likely taken during a deportation round up to a concentration camp or ghetto. The genocide of Gypsies during the war is called the Porajmos, which means the “devouring” or the ”destruction" in the Romani language. Unknown date and location (possibly France or Poland). Europe. Circa 1940-1944.