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They say that the Gypsies migrated to Europe about a thousand to a thousand and five hundred years ago from the areas of Sindh and Rajasthan. The Gypsies (Romany) language is a strange mixture of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Persian, Turkic and Slavic languages. Counting in Romany from ‘one to 10’ is the same as in Urdu, as well as several words, such as, ‘ankh’, ‘naak’, kaan’, ‘paani’...

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Unlike the Romani, these are not separate ethnic groups but have formed as separate classes within the sedentary majority; they do not have an entirely separate language, but they developed specialized jargon (known as cant or argot). In German-speaking Europe, France and Wallonia, there are the Jenische or Yeniche (in German and French spelling, respectively). This group is descended from Scottish Travellers..

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Two interned Roma boys play violins for departing and arriving detainees at a camp (possibly Beaune-la-Rolande transit camp or Pithiviers internment camp) in German-occupied France. The genocide of Roma people cost the lives approximately 220,000 to 1,500,000, most of whom died in concentration camps, with thousands more interned in camps and ghettos throughout occupied territories. France. Circa 1940-1944.

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The Romani; DNA, language and migration

The recent discovery of the Jat mutation that causes a type of glaucoma in Romani populations suggests that the Romani people are the descendants of the Jat people found in Northern India.

Roma aka Gypsy children, Romania. (In the their native Romany language, their name derives from the word for "man"). Roma are not to be confused in the english language for Romanians.

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