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from Festive Lights

Using Fairy Lights Around the Home

Love this. These almost look like icicle lights. From the blog: 'Using Fairy Lights Around the Home'. #bedroom #fairylights #decoration


After reading this (and basically falling in love with it), I bought a framed print of a painting at a thrift store for $3, spray-painted it white ($1), keeping the printed texture. Then I borrowed my friend's projector and charcoal and outlined the words on the print and put it back in the frame, hung it over our master bed, and voila. $4 wall art.


People wonder why I have 7 books going at one time, why I have one in my purse and car at all times, and why I can't put them down; if I have to explain, they just don't get it.

from myturtleneck

unique travel: sonya's garden (philippines) - myturtleneck | blog - unique travel: sonya's garden (philippines)

from My Modern Met

Beautifully Surreal Sculptures