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Organisational Structures

Ancient Rome Military History | Organisational Structures | Grae Laws - The Technology Aestheticist

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Iron Age 'Celts' - Caledonians, Picts and Romans - Scotlands History Celtic’ is broadly defined by language, and by the art, artefacts and human remains of Iron Age peoples. ‘Celtic Scotland’ saw the native population of the Later Bronze Age adopt new technologies and aspects of culture from the peoples that they traded with. The Iron Age in Scotland began c 700 BC and continued to around AD 500.

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A Roman miliarium from a private bath house in northern Gaul: from water technology to ritual offering

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Roman crane, employed in 70/71 AD to build the walls of a Roman fortress.

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if you have to do a cover for "Book of Jonah" in the bible, this may be a good reference.

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WORLD WONDERS ☪ :: Cool Space Facts - A Collection of Cool Space Facts About The Sun and All The Planets in Our Solar System (Sorry, Pluto)

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