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Black Mask: First appeared in " Batman #386 (August 1985) Black Mask (Roman Sionis) was a former businessman who hated both Bruce Wayne and Batman, wore a black mask (hence his alias), and led a vast organization of henchmen dubbed "the False Face Society" until Catwoman killed him. During Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham (the former owner of Arkham Asylum) was driven insane and subsequently became the second Black Mask."

EDOM'S ETHOS - Casually Cruel ||| The earth is given into the hand of the wicked | Job 9:24

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Do not put up with me! I will be standing right behind you in the night with the possibility to kill you or to wait until you turn back and watch me dissapear in the shadows...and we both know that I will chose the second option allways. When that time comes you will not be living a life anymore but the true hell from wich only the warm embrace of death will save you.

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Roman Sionis/Black Mask I/Powers-Automatic Pistols, Sword, Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Hypnotic Black Mask

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