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Hail Caesar: Killer's 'Ides of March' silver coin set to fetch £300,000 at auction

42 BCE. The Eid Mar coin marks the assassination of Caesar on 3.15. 42 BCE. Minted by Brutus. Ides of March

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Ivory diptych of Consul Anicius Petronius Probus depicting Emperor Honorius, 406, from the Aosta Cathedral, Italy, Roman Civilization, beginning of 5th Century Aosta,Museo del Tesoro

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Sempronia---Giovanni Boccaccio Title Des cleres et nobles femmes, De claris mulieribus in an anonymous French translation Origin France, Central (Paris) Date 1st quarter of the 15th century Language French

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(c. 30-40 CE) Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (15 BCE - 40 CE), Roman consul and grand-nephew of the Emperor Augustus, brother-in-law and second cousin of Emperor Caligula; maternal cousin of Emperor Claudius and the biological father of Emperor Nero.

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Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus - the Gracchi brothers. Their actions led to the end of the Roman Republic.

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Lucius Junius Brutus - the founder of the Roman Republic and traditionally one of the first consuls in 509 BCE. White marble. 1st — early 2nd cent. C.E.? Naples, National Archaeological Museum. Origin: From the Farnese collection.

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Caligula as commander-in-chief, in armor, wearing an oak leaf wreath. On January 24th, AD 41, the emperor Caligula was stabbed to death in Rome. On the same day, portraits of Caligula were thrown into the Tiber. Three of the c. 45 known portraits of Caligula were in fact found in that river. "This cuirass bust is one of them."

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Bust of a Roman Popularis Politician Tiberius Gracchus (Ref No. 7089) - Windsor House Antiques

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Pompey the Great 106-48 BC Early Roman Empire. How could you not love such an adorable face?! Not only that but he was an amazing tactician as well as being part of the 1st Triumvate

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