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Lovely and simple with an Athena look to it.

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The ethnic groups in early medieval Britain. Image source: link

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These Roman shoes were found between 1979 and 1982 during archaeological excavations at Bar Hill fort on the Antonine Wall. Roman soldiers built the Antonine Wall across Scotland in the years AD 139-141

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8. Corselet-like metal piece (represents armor); Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012 (Roman)

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Fashion's Night Out

Love her wrist tattoo placement, font and roman numerals. I have one similar on the other side of my wrist.

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Theatre costume


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Roman Gold Snake Armband (A gold armband in the form of a snake from Pompeii. 1st Century Roman displayed in the Museo...)

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Ancient sock for the left foot of a child with separation between the big toe and four other toes worked in 6 or 7 colours of wool yarn. Late Antique Roman Period, date 200-400 (radiocarbon date).

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Atlantis - Ariadne's a bit of a wettie but has some fabulous frocks!

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