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Gaius Julius Ceaser played a critical role in the gradual transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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~AUGUSTUS: The first Roman emperor, also called Octavian, adopted by Caesar and gained power by his defeat of Antony, he then became the emperor in effect~

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A mosaic preserved in Zippori (Sephoris) National Park in Israel, site of excellent Roman ruins and mosaics.

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Ancient Roman helmet worn by the elite Roman cavalry (equites Romani). 1st century AD (via: reddit originally from

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We thought that another way to represent the Greek setting was to project Greek mosaic tiles, on either the back wall or from above, on to the stage/main platform floor. This could be a cheaper alternative than to create/construct a stage which effectively communicates a modern Greek villa to the audience.

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The Augustus of Prima Porta, a statue of Augustus Caesar found in the villa of his wife Livia.

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This was an amazing art project that I came across at the excellent Mini Matisse (which has loads of other great ideas, too!) I thoug...

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