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Jam Roly Poly. Classic British comfort food. Jam (jelly) baked in rolled suet pastry that's served as a dessert with custard. Perfect for cold evenings and a favourite with kids for generations.

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Jam & white chocolate roly-poly

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South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert

Keep this recipe for cold days! Everone loves it, and in South Africa it is a traditional favourite. You must have this at hand, as it is easy and quick and a delight, served as is or with ice cream or custard. Please note that I did two step-by-step photographs, which youll find if you click on photos. One shows how to roll up the dough, and the 2nd what the pudding and sauce look like before going into the oven.

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Damson roly-poly doughnut puddings with boozy custard

Blackberry and apple roly-poly pudding recipe. A sweet slow cooker recipe? Yes, and you'll taste the difference, too! Alternatively, it's possible to oven-cook this roly-poly.

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Roly-poly bread & butter pud

There's nothing more comforting than a nursery pud, and this recipe combines two favourites in one

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Jam roly-poly

This jam roly-poly is simple to make, comforting and sure to bring back memories of traditional school dinners

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Roly Poly Pudding

Roly Poly Pudding by Nigella's Recipe Ingredients: 185 gram(s) short crust pastry (shop bought), 240 gram(s) golden syrup, 125 ml full fat milk

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A new recipe/tip "Bacon and Onion Roll ( roly poly )" has been posted on our website. Visit our website for more recipes and useful cooking ideas :)

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Bacon and onion roly poly pudding, a traditional British steamed suet pudding recipe.

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