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Part one of my story about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This blog is more about recognizing the symptoms of RMSF. Lymes


Kate LaSala, CTC, tells of her dog's scary bout with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


How to Prevent Lyme Disease after a Tick Bite

This is one natural remedy that you need for a tick bite to help prevent all tick borne diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Works for people and animals. I always take this with me when I go camping just in case.


Tick-borne Disease Research Transparency and Accountability Act Included in the 21st Century Cures Act

55 members of Congress call upon NIH Director Francis Collins to strengthen the NIH’s efforts in ME/CFS biomedical research.


Coinfections: A recently published LDo survey over 3,000 patients with chronic Lyme disease found that over 50% had coinfections, with 30% reporting two or more coinfections. The most common coinfections were Babesia (32%), Bartonella (28%), Ehrlichia (15%), Mycoplasma (15%), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (6%), Anaplasma (5%), and Tularemia (1%). A similar study in Canada. #LymeDiseaseChallenge #NotJustLyme

My Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Story: Part 3 I am still struggling with talking about my story with RMSF because I worry that people are thinking I am doing it for “attention” about my…